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I hope this finds you enjoying the little things summer has to offer during these strange times! When we last touched base, David and I were hard at work in Denver, working on projects, e-books, and webinars. After being in Denver for over eighty days, and following all the restrictions, we decided we needed a mental break in Nature. After careful consideration, we headed up to northwest Wyoming, one of our favorite areas. We packed up the trailer with sixteen days of food and supplies and hit the road. With our four-season travel trailer, we're very self-sufficient. That means we didn't head into towns for anything, and we camped at a campground, where we never had to visit restrooms or showers since we have all that in the trailer. So, we knew our risk of hitting the road was pretty low.

We spent time in Grand Teton National Park, photographing, hiking, and paddleboarding. We hiked in the back-country and stayed away from the tourist spots, and found ourselves photographing in places by ourselves. We then spent a few days up in Yellowstone, as we had reservations from last year, and decided to honor those since we were already up there. We are currently working on a big project that involves Yellowstone National Park, and we were able to photograph and get a lot of much-needed work done towards the project. Yellowstone was a bit more crowded, but again, going out at the right times, we found ourselves alone, listening to the sounds and enjoying the sights from one of my favorite parks. We both photographed quite a bit and will share some of our new images below.

We're back in Denver now, and will remain here until September when we hit the road again. We're back at work, working on new collaborations with colleagues, a couple of e-books, and a new exciting event we'll be involved in soon (watch your inbox in the next few weeks!). David is collaborating with John Barclay tomorrow, for a webinar on contemplative phtography. Spots are going fast, so if this is something you're interested in check out the details below! John is a wonderful photographer and a fantastic person, and we were very excited to finally meet him in person this past winter in Death Valley.

I had the incredible honor of being Capture Landscape's photographer of the month last month. I sat down and answered some questions about photographing small scenes, my background, what it's like traveling full-time in an RV, and so much more!

Sarah Marino and I are excited to announce we are collaborating on a new series, "Live, Laugh, Landscape," where we will focus on landscape photography, amplifying women in landscape photography, traveling, photography education, and much more! These will be more personal, conversational webinars with a focus on a topic. We're excited to launch our first one on August 4th at 6 pm Eastern time. We will be discussing a topic that we are frequently asked about: Photographing Sand Dunes! See below for the complete description and how to sign up! See you there!

We've been getting a lot of questions about our future workshops. We're excited to partially release our schedule for next year which you can also see below. Thanks for your patience as we navigate this new world. We look forward to getting outside to teach again real soon!


Jennifer and David

Unique Webinar - Contemplative Photography with John Barclay and David

If you have ever struggled seeing photos, this webinar may very well change your perception forever. The Learning to See Deeply webinar will be presented by myself (David) and our friend John Barclay. John and I will be talking about contemplative photography and what it means to us. We will share our insights on how it has changed our approach to photography for the better.

The webinar is tomorrow! Thursday July 16th, at 6:00 PM EST. Spaces are limited, so you will want to register as soon as possible to reserve your seat!

Learning to See Deeply Webinar

Live Laugh Landscape Webinar

Jennifer and Sarah are coming out with a new series of webinars and interviews. In the first installment, they will be discussing photographing sand dunes. Sign up for free here: Sand Dunes: Nature's Dynamic Landscape.

Live Laugh Landscape Webinar

Free NPN Webinars

  • Sarah Marino is presenting a free webinar Essential Lessons for Crafting Better Compositions for members of the Nature Photographers Network (you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to watch it).
  • There will also be a free mini-workshop on macro photography to be released very soon, sign up for NPN and you will be notified when it comes out.

Workshops with Availability

All of our fall workshops are sold out, but we do have some spots open for our winter Death Valley workshops along with a few others in 2021 that we have finished planning for!

We know this is an uncertain time and traveling may feel a bit daunting, we want you to know that we take your safety (and ours!) seriously. Here is how we are making changes to respond to the Coronavirus.

Composition eBook for Small Scenes

Our friend Sarah Marino has released an incredible resource for photographers who want to improve their small scene compositions. 11 Composition Lessons for Photographing Nature’s Small Scenes is quite the feat, don't let the understated title fool you, this a full blown 131 page book stuffed with Sarah's knowledge. Not only that but it comes with a field guide and six video case studies. You must add this to your collection!

11 Composition Lessons

Recommended Online Series on Contemplative Photography

Want to learn from two retired National Geographic photographers, a zen priest, and John Barclay? This is an incredible opportunity that we must pass along. Awakened by Beauty: Intimate Conversations about Contemplative Photography will likely be one of the most inspiring things you will experience this year. We are not involved, but we will certainly be attending! Ticket prices range from $10-$150, basically you decide how much you want to pay for this incredibly event. This is the perfect pairing with our Learning to See Deeply webinar.

William Neill's New Book

I have been reviewing a new coffee table book Light on the Landscape by William Neill. This is a collection of stunning photographs and a compilation of Bill's essays from over the years which are targeted at photographers and gives deep insights from a master photographer. It will be published in August but you should get your pre-order in now!

Light on the Landscape

Slow Photography Movement Summer Challenge

Looking for a photography project to challenge yourself this summer? Head on over to the Slow Photography Movement page on Instagram to see our latest gallery challenge! We're challenging you to photograph in lighting conditions that you may not usually shoot in, for example, direct harsh light. Tag your image #spmnobadlight, to share, and potentially be featured in our online gallery on the website! The deadline to submit images is August 31st. Our latest gallery, which focused on photographing during the quarantine was a success, and we featured so many wonderful photographers. So, this is our second challenge, and I hope you'll participate!

Images from Yellowstone

Below is a small taste of the images we came away from Yellowstone with, we will be releasing full collections soon!

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