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Hello Reader,

We hope you're enjoying spring despite the unpredictable weather! Jennifer and I have mostly been laying low for the past month. Jennifer briefly visited Phoenix for the Out of Desert Botanic Conference as part of the Out of Chicago team, which sounded incredibly fun. I stayed back in San Diego with the cats, got in some hiking, and photographed sand patterns. Meanwhile, I've been busy making massive improvements to the Nature Photographers Network while Jennifer has been occupied with her Out of Chicago work. Also, Jennifer will be sending out her first newsletter today focused on her photography, and it's filled with inspiring content. Be sure to subscribe!

Today we will be getting back out on the ocean to photograph dolphins, a much-needed creative break! We are also gearing up for our Death Valley Night Photography Workshop this month and are excited to get back under the stars!

Please continue reading below to learn about a new Photoshop action I created, a presentation Jennifer is giving tomorrow on sand dunes, a few new drone images and much more!

Best Wishes,
David and Jennifer



Dynamic Dunes Presentation

Get ready for an exciting event tomorrow night (April 11th) as Jennifer kicks off the Spring Speaker Series with her inspiring presentation on Dynamic Dunes! You can attend just Jennifer's presentation for a mere $27 or unlock the whole experience by signing up for all the presentations at an unbeatable price of only $167. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity!

Print Clipping Mask Action for Photoshop

Have you ever experienced muddy shadows or highlights in a print, even without any data clipping? Rest assured; you're not alone. Merely knowing whether your shadows are pure black or highlights pure white is insufficient. Details can still be lost when areas become excessively dark or bright. To address this issue, I've developed an innovative Photoshop action that displays a clipping mask when areas are outside the printable range and at risk of losing detail. Learn more about this game-changing tool by clicking the button below. As a valued subscriber, you can directly download the action and elevate your printing experience. Enjoy!

Items of Interest

We're always on the lookout for new and exciting things to share with you; here's what we found this month:

Topaz Photo AI

AI is taking the world by storm, and its extraordinary capabilities are undeniable. Topaz Labs, a pioneer in this cutting-edge technology, has harnessed its power to revolutionize image enhancement through noise reduction, sharpening, and resizing. This indispensable tool is now available at a special sale price until April 21st – an offer you shouldn't miss!

Please look at the stunning example below, featuring a night image captured at ISO 6400. The remarkable results speak for themselves!

Free Night Processing Webinar

Join me (David Kingham), Nick Page, and Marybeth Kicenski for quick tips on processing your night images. This previews what you can learn at the Out of Moab Conference in September. Join us live on April 14th at noon Central time.

Our First Drone Images

For fun, here's a sneak peek of the first images we created with our drone last month. A big thank you to David Thompson for showing us the ropes! Our first impressions are that it's a fun tool, but it is like playing a video game, and you feel a disconnection from your subject. It's certainly different from our normal pace of photography. When the battery gets low, it is pretty stressful with the constant beeping reminder that you need to finish up NOW! Not at all slow or contemplative photography, that's for sure. But it's an excellent challenge to step out and try something different. We will take it out over the open ocean this week...wish us luck!

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